The GEZE forest is growing

Join with GEZE to plant a global company forest!

We are giving you a tree from the GEZE company forest as present.

We have been working with the organisation Treedom for several years to plant trees in Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nepal, and Guatemala. Thus far, we have already planted over 20,000 trees, which are cared for and utilised by local, small-scale farmers. In this way, we are ensuring food security in economically weak regions, creating jobs, promoting local infrastructure and – last but not least, we are making a valuable contribution to global CO2 reduction.

Now, you have the opportunity to sponsor a tree. All you have to do is complete the following form and use it to request a code. You can then use that code to select your favourite tree, personalise it, and follow its story.

Please complete the form below. You will then receive an e-mail with the code to select your personal tree.

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